701 Gen2 Hardtop

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The new 701Gen2 has become a big seller very quickly. The reason being is that we have maintained the great handling with even better stability at reset and while under way. Also this mode offers a very large fishing platform that is normally found on boats considerably longer in length, plus many new features.
It gives ample room for your fishing and family days, with heaps of storage room for your gear and catch.

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List Price

$65,662 (NZD) Prices are subject to change without notice.


Length - 7.10
Beam - 2.35
Freeboard - 800 mm
Approximate hull weight - 1150 kgs
Transom Height - 25"
Transom Deadrise - Variable 18 V
Sterndrive max - 275 HP
HP Required - 200-250

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