Fishing World July 2018 - 441 Fortress Dingy

July 12 2018

441 Fortress Dingy

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Bush 'n' Beach Fishing July 2018 - 651 CrossXover Hardtop

July 2 2018

New Zealand Fishing News May 2018 - 571 Sportsman Hardtop - New Model

May 1 2018
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New Zealand Fishing News - May 2018 - McLay 1100 Walk Around

April 30 2018
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Pacific Powerboat Magazine - 591 XL Sportsman Hardtop

April 1 2018
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Powerboat Magazine - Video - 561 CrossXover

January 30 2018

Barry Thompson from Powerboat Magazine takes the 561 CrossXover out on the Taieri River and out over the bar.

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Powerboat Magazine - video - 30 Years in the business

January 8 2018

Video of Barry Thompson visiting the McLay Factor.

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Fishing World December 2017 - 441 Fortress

December 1 2017

"New Zealand-based McLay Boats unveils it's 441 Fortress, a tough little open boat perfect for those fishing inshore waters who appreciate quality."

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Fishing World August 2017 - 571 Sportsman

August 1 2017

"Being located in the south of New Zealand's South Island speaks volumes for the toughness of McLay Boats. This is a region of variable and mean weather, big swell, high winds and cold; where an offshore manufacturer has to produce quality product if they expect to last long in this competitive boating market"

Download PDF » (1485 KB) - 701 Cruiser Hardtop

June 14 2017

"We review the Maclay 701 Cruiser on Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu. This cruiser was released at the New Zealand Boat Show and replaces the popular 671 model. It offers a wider waterline beam and more space inside..."

Click to Read » - 651 CrossXover Hardtop

June 14 2017

"We reviewed the McLay 651 Crossover on the stunning Lake Wakatipu, in Queenstown. This boat combines aspects of a family friendly fishing boat, with the safety of a pontoon boat. See what Barry Thompson thought of this great crossover boat from Mclay..."

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Alloy Boat Magazine - Issue 10 2017. McLay 651 CrossXover Hardtop

June 13 2017

Printed version of the test of the McLay 651 CrossXover Hardtop. Tested on Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown.

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Fishing Monthly December 2016 - 651 CrossXover Hardtop

December 1 2016

"The CrossXover series is one of their most popular ranges they produce with five boats to choose from. The 651 CrossXover HT is the premium boat in the range. "

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Fishing Monthly - Video - 651 CrossXover Hardtop

November 1 2016

Peter Jung from Fishing Monthly magazine testing out the McLay 651 CrossXover Hardtop on Hazelwood Pondage in Victoria, Australia.

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Fishing Monthly October 2016 - 581 CrossXover

October 1 2016

"I think there’s no argument that the New Zealanders have been making bulletproof alloy boats ever since that famous whale got ‘beached-as’ last decade. And for a long time before that."

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Fishing Monthly June 2016 - 611 CrossXover Hardtop

June 1 2016

"I’d never been in one of the New Zealand built McLay plate hulls until my latest boat-testing sojourn to the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay. The guys from Warragul Marine Centre have helped me broaden my experience, and I must say, what a pleasant experience it was."

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Fishing Monthly - Video - 611 CrossXover Hardtop

May 25 2016

Steve Morgan from Fishing Monthly Magazine takes the 611 CrossXover Hartop for a spin on Port Phillip Bay, Australia.

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Fishing Monthly - Video - 581 CrossXover

May 18 2016

Steve Morgan takes out the 581 CrossXover with David Garcia from Warragul Marine, for a spin on Port Phillip Bay.

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Fishing Monthly May 2016 - 591 Sportsman Hardtop

May 1 2016

"New Zealand built boats have a reputation for being well-made and for offering packages that are designed for anglers. With this in mind I was looking forward to heading out on the water with David Garcia from Warragul Marine Centre to test out one of their new arrivals, the McLay 591 Sportsman Hardtop. The Snowy River at Marlo greeted us with a sensational morning, but we knew this weather window would be short lived, as an easterly change was expected mid-morning. Just enough time to put the boat through its paces."

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New Zealand Fishing News July 2015 - 701 Premier Hardtop

July 1 2015

"We wanted to modernise the look of our boats, and the new Premier Range is the beginning of this"

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Boating New Zealand - McLay 1100 Walk Round

November 27 2012

It takes courage to commit to a completely new design in a very tough retail environment, especially when it's a design that departs so far from the production aluminium trailerboats your company is known for. But McLay Boat's gamble appears to have paid off.


The McLay 1100 stretches the limits of what's possible for a trailerable craft, but despite its imposing bulk it works well both on the water and on the road. Mercury Diesel TDI power, courtesy of the Audi/VW Q7/A6/Touareg family of V8 engines, provides brisk performance and admirable economy while keeping weight down.

The McLay 1100 is fully customisable and can be developed for any number of specialist applications. The boat's walk-around wheelhouse configuration screams fishing and as reviewed, the boat is packed with angling features: plenty of deck space, high sides, copious rodholders and sealed, easy-clean, non-slip decks should make this a practical sportfisher for recreational or professional charter applications.

Building such an ambitious boat on spec was a gamble for McLay Boats, but judging by the 1100's reception, it was worth taking. There's no doubt this new model takes the company into completely new territory, introducing an important player to the so-far relatively uncrowded maxi-trailerboat sector.

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Pacific PowerBoat Magazine - McLay 690HT Fishing Boat

November 26 2012

"The main difference is that it is slightly wider, higher in the topsides and has a raised cockpit sole. This has allowed for a larger fuel tank up from 170 litres to 200 litres, an underfloor 'kill' tank and provision for a fresh water tank, plus still allowing for sufficient buoyancy. This would all have been impossible in the 680 as there would not have been enough buoyancy capacity retained under the sole.

These changes were very much customer driven, says McLay Boats MD, Steve McLay. While the 680 has been around in various versions for over ten years and has been our best seller it was time for a fresh new model.
However, in a sense the 690 has already been preceded by the 735S, a boat I tested last year. Big difference is the 735S is the inboard/stern drive version of the new 690, so just about everything from the cockpit forward is the same.

Under water the hull is very similar, albeit 80mm wider and the two pressed
strakes either side of the hull have been reduced by 50% in profile to provide a softer ride at speed. With the raised floor there is also an extra internal stringer either side of the 5mm hull and the weight has increased over the 680 by around 200kg.

Winner of the Aluminium Fishing Boat, 6 - 7 metres category, in the 2011 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat show, the McLay 690 Cruiser Hardtop is one of nine boats in the McLay Hardtop CruiserSeries, which ranges from the 6.1m 600 through to the 8.1m 775..."

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McLay Fortress Aluminium Dinghies

November 25 2012

"The unique Mclay Fortress design allows for a sharper entry permitting a better ride and less spray. Reverse chines allows greater stability with a large deadrise. Floor height is reduced to the bottom of the boat resulting in lower center of gravity..."

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Fishing Monthly November 2011 - 4.8 Fortress

November 1 2011

"The McLay Fortress 4.8m aluminium boat is the next step up from the 4.4m model reviewed some time back and follows the family tradition of being a super solid, reliable small craft that is well suited to the angler."

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Fishing Monthly October 2010 - 4.4 Fortress

October 1 2010

"The McLay 4.4m is also aptly named Fortress, as it exhibits those same qualities of safety, strength, durability and reliability, qualities that have personified McLay for more than a decade."

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